This book gives straightforward explanations of information on investment in the Philippines for those who are considering expanding into the Philippines.

Publisher: Canaria Communications
Release date: August 15, 2016

Based on our wealth of practical experience in Taiwan, Kuroda Law Offices provides straightforward answers to questions on corporate, labor, intellectual property, fair trading and consumer protection law issues in this book aimed at companies considering advancing into Taiwan. However, we do not stop at merely explaining the law, but also give explanations full of practical hints to resolve and avert potential issues.

Publisher: Canaria Shoboh
Release date: October 10, 2011

The book contains easy-to-understand explanations of things such as Indonesia’s general overview, its investment environment, and its laws and regulations related to investment. “A Comprehensive Guide to Doing Business in Indonesia”

Publisher: Canaria Shoboh
Release date: June 25, 2009 (first issue of first printing)

Digital Content & Intellectual Property Rights deals with intellectual property and other matters that are particularly problematic when using and managing digital content and when expanding music and video distribution businesses, information services, education services and other businesses that use digital content, and uses double-spread diagrams to clearly demonstrate preventative measures, possible responses and resolution techniques for use in agreements and other situations. The revised edition includes the latest information, such as the recently passed Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Provider Liability Limitation Act, Electronic Consumer Contracts Act and amendments to the Copyright Act.

Publisher: JMA Management Center Inc.
Release date: First edition – June 2001; Revised edition – June 2004